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Senior Pastor

Pastor Dr. Wendell Blair, Sr.

 Dr. Wendell Blair, Sr. ministry began in February of 1970. After becoming a minister, he and his family moved to Chicago, Illinois. While working at Link Belt Machinery Co., the Lord put it in on his heart to return to Dallas, Texas    (his hometown) and organize a church. At that moment, a song came to mind, that he could not stop singing until he consented to do what the Lord had told him. The song was “I believe I’ll go back home.” At that moment, Pastor Blair and family moved back to Dallas and organized the True Vine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church, October 18, 1970. The church became a reality.

This ministry started slow, but there was a lot of potential for growth. There were only eight people present at the first service meeting (which was held in a vacant bedroom of Pastor Blair’s home,) later he moved the church to his living room. After six months of worshipping in his home, the church moved to a house that was converted into a building for worship. One year and four months later, God blessed Pastor Blair with the resources to build his first church building from the ground (831 Ann Arbor). And 4 years later, he was blessed to build his second church building (6728 Altaire Ave.)

The Lord has been extraordinarily kind to our founder and leader, Dr. Wendell Blair, Sr. Just to name a few:

· The Lord blessed Pastor Blair with a loving wife of 27 years, (the late Mrs. Barbara Jean Blair). To this union two children were born.

· For 26 years he has been married to Mrs. Gloria Blair. Together they have 2 sons, 1 daughter, 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandson. Pastor’s oldest daughter past, December 2018 from complications with Lupus.

· Being a high school drop-out, he has since acquired his GED and a degree in Theology from Southern Bible Institute, and received an honorary Doctrine of Divinity Degree from Reed Christian College.

· He became a full-time Pastor 3½ years after organizing this church.

· He has traveled to 33 of the 51 states in America, and have cruised around various islands surrounding the states of Alaska and Florida.

· He has traveled to foreign countries (i.e., the Holy lands in Israel, South America, Canada, Seoul Korea, and Russia.)

· He worked faithfully with the Promise Keepers ministry.

· He has attended two of the United States Presidential Inaugurations, as well as the State of Texas Governor’s Inauguration, and the swearing in of many Mayors for the City of Dallas.

In his 49 years of ministry, Pastor Blair has preached to audiences of all races, creeds and cultural. He has preached over 2600 sermons, not including guest appearances and outside visitations. He has ministered approx. 160 revivals. None of this includes the many funerals and banquets he has officiated, or the countless prayer and counseling sessions, weddings and baptizing, all performed by our great founder and leader. One of his greatest blessing came when was asked to preach the commencement address for his sister’s graduation (the late Mother Edna Smith) at the D. E. Johnson class of 2003 ceremony. 

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