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Sunday services

We have resume to our regular Sunday services beginning at 10:30 a.m. Please note we are social distancing and a facial mask is required. Stop and visit with us or join us on Facebook live.

Sunday School

Join us on Sunday morning at 9:15 for Sunday School Service. We would be delighted to have you in our midst.


The purpose of our Sunday School service is to get you biblically prepared for a wonderful Sunday morning service and so you are knowledgeable at the time of the minister's message. Anyone that comes to our doors is welcome to join us in any one of our services. 

Wednesday Night Prayer

We welcome you to come out on Wednesday Nights @7:00 pm to our Prayer meeting, and Bible study. We have breakout sessions every Wednesday after 1st Sunday. We also would love to expand our youth group on Wednesday nights, and even in Sunday School if you can.

When we join on Wednesday Nights, we are more than excited to come together once again, and Pray for you, and any other need that you would like for us, as a Church to Pray for. However, you should believe that when you put the situation or need in God's hands, it is already said, and done. Amen!

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